Poker in Italy: Facts And Features

The pivotal position occupied by Italy as a gambling nation cannot be undermined. Italy has a critical part to play in the global gambling world, largely due to its illustrious history. The first casino that was ever created, the Ridotto, was created in Venice, in 1638. Even prior to the creation of the Ridotto, during the era of the Roman Empire, the precursor of the contemporary backgammon was generally played amongst the Roman soldiers.

In recent times, Italians still have a large number of gambling enthusiasts in both men and women living among them. Sports betting has now come to be the most famous kind of betting in the country. However, it is a sad reality to discover how deeply match-fixing scandals have eaten deep into the country’s sporting system.

As for poker games, both live and online kinds of these games are accessible for play lawfully to the citizens of the country, as long as the operator providing the games has been licensed by the Agenzia Delle Dogane e Dei Monopoli (ADM), which is the regulatory body for poker betting in the country.

Another interesting fact to note is that Italy is one of the four nations that endorsed and took part in the European liquidity deal. This deal will see the country consent to sharing its customer base online with other countries like Portugal, Spain, and France. However, as a result of the several hesitations surrounding the new law, it has not still been enforced.

In this article, our authors shall be looking into the world of poker in Italy where we will consider various facts about this unique betting environment, as well as distinctive features of this world that sets it aside from others. Keep reading!

Italian Poker Legislation

To properly elucidate the legislation that guides the poker gaming industry in Italy, we must divide this gambling umbworld into the two types that exist.

Live Poker Legislation in Italy

As we mentioned earlier in the opening section, poker gambling is a lawful activity in all the 17 states in Italy. All that is required is for the casino providing the poker service to have a license from ADM.

Following a statement from, it was clear that Italy had not always enjoyed a free gambling atmosphere. In fact, there were some stringent regulations regarding gambling before 2006. But, after then, the situation has changed. There is now a level of freedom enjoyed that has seen especially skill-based gambling games become legal. Even games that have to do with a chance are likewise allowed even though they come with a degree of strict regulations.

Some facts have been made clear. Poker, clearly, is one of the games that require a good level of mastery and skill and according to Italian gambling regulators, this is a legal game, however, with strict regulations. However, if you join Italian self-exclusion, you’re not able to play poker within a certain period of time. Fortunately, you can skip it by reading this article – that helps you to remove permanent AAMS exclusion.

Online Poker Legislation in Italy

The powers of the ADM likewise extends to the realm of online poker gambling in Italy as well, just as it does with live poker betting. At the time this article was written, poker lovers from Italy can play on separate servers against opponents who are also Italian poker players. The most distinguished online poker room in Italy is

We mentioned earlier as well, that Italy went into a particular deal, called the European liquidity deal. This deal was signed in 2017, and it affirms the country’s consent to permit countries like Portugal, Spain, and France to benefit from their wealth of online players. We similarly staged that as a result of drags in the process of setting up the new licensing procedure, the country has not yet permitted her citizens to take part in the new shared market.

Live Poker Venues In Italy

We will be listing out as well as giving a few details about these land-based poker locations in Italy.

  • Casino Sanremo in Sanremo
  • In Venice, there are two major casinos. But, unfortunately, neither of these two provide classic poker games.
  • In Rome, there is a lot of poker action available for you to enjoy. A lost of these popular locations include the Cotton Genyus Poker Club, the Prince Club Roma poker club, and the Jackass Poker Poker club.

Italian Professional Poker Players

Certain professional poker players from Italy have gone on to achieve amazing feats in the game. In this section, we will be talking about three of these amazing poker players that usually participate in various tournaments:

Mustapha “lasagnaaammm” Kanit

Mustapha has achieved a lot of successful feats on both the virtual and the live poker gaming scene. His achievements include:

  • Over $11 million live tournament income.
  • A €50K EPT Super High Roller in Monte Carlo in 2015
  • Making it to the final table in two WSOP NLHE tournaments.
  • Over $5.3 million in combined MTT funds online.
  • A $215 Sunday Million tournament on PokerStars in 2016.

Dario Minieri

Dario achievements include:

  • A WSOP bracelet and becoming a famous online player.
  • In 2007, he gathered sufficient “Frequent Player Points” on Stars to earn himself a Porsche car from the Stars Rewards Store.

Max Pescatori

  • 4 WSOP bracelets.
  • He won all 4 bracelets in distinct game categories
  • He is a winner of two WSOP Circuit tournaments.

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