Rabichow Defeats Ayras at RIO Legends Showdown

Last month we were able to witness a month-long poker event that was part of the Legends Showdown Tournament which took place at Run It Once. The final showdown was between Kevin “krab42” Rabichow and Pauli “Fiilismies” Ayras. Although Ayras was the favorite, he failed to triumph over Rabichow and had to settle for the consolation prize.

The finals were played in three matches consisting of over 2,250 hands. Rabichow managed to win a total of €10,796 while the stakes were €50/€100. “krab42” won €40,000 in prizes and the money from the matches, meaning he managed to amass a total of €145,000. Ayras won €20,000 in prize money, and a total of €50,970.

First Match

The first match ended after hand 750. When the two players reached this milestone, Rabichow was already leading with €46,442. The most important hand of this match started with Rabichow opening on the button and calling a three bet.

Ayras then increased €1,000 to €2,000 and the flop showed a queen of spades, and 9-10 of clubs. Another nine landed on the turn, and Ayras decided to barrel for €3,000. The river showed an ace of spades, and Ayras decided to bet another €7,500. At that moment, Rabichow immediately responded by jamming €14,660, which was a clear sign for Ayras to let it go and fold. Unfortunately, the hole card cam was not active during this hand, so we will never know whether Rabichow was bluffing or not.

Second Match

The second match was rather interesting as Ayras managed to cut his deficit, and one hand was particularly important. Ayras decided to three bet with a pair of tens against Rabichow’s 7-8 suited. The flop was in Rabichow’s favor as 6-7-8 appeared, but Ayras decided to take a risk and increased the bet to €600, which Rabichow called right away. The turn then changed the tides as it showed a nine, which was essential for Ayras to have a straight. The river was a queen, meaning there were no further changes. This was the moment when most of Rabichow’s profit was gone.

Third Match

After 100 hands in the third match, the players were even. The two dueled on for a while, and the deciding hand came at the very end when Rabichow decided to three-bet, holding a pair of queens in his hand. Ayras called a four-bet with Ace-King, and the flop showed 8-8-J.

After the flop, Ayras decided to bet another €1,500, which Rabichow immediately called. The turn was a four of diamonds which faced a check from both players only to see a five of spades on the river. At that moment, Rabichow shoved €6,400, which was effectively the end for Ayras who wanted to be a hero and called it, losing a lot of money along the way..

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