Red Dead Online Free Ability Card, Gifts, & New Discounts Added

Red Dead Redemption online standalone Red Dead Online is giving away a free ability card, as well as role experience, item discounts, and more bonuses, to players who log into the game this week. Developer and publisher Rockstar Games recently offered players twice the amount of in-game cash and experience when it launched a special edition of its Most Wanted game mode last week, alongside bonuses and rewards for the Collector role as well as free fast travel for a limited time.

A standalone version of Red Dead Online was released last December, which gave people a more affordable way to access it without having to purchase its single-player progenitor, Red Dead Redemption 2. But despite being primarily an online multiplayer game, Red Dead Online has still provided players quite a number of activities for those who just want to experience more of the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, since Rockstar Games implied last year that it has no plans on releasing DLC content for the latter.

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Rockstar Games shared the new bonuses and rewards in a new blog post, which are meant to commemorate the final week of the currently running Outlaw Pass 4. Most of the rewards can be claimed simply by logging into and playing the game. Owners of the Outlaw Pass will get a free treasure map and 5,000 Club XP while all players will receive a free ability card. Everyone will also get discounts on several weapons and items, including rifles, Bounty Hunter weapon variants, off-hand holsters, reinforced lassos, ability cards, and ability card upgrades.

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The rest of the rewards and bonuses are targeted exclusively towards Bounty Hunters, which include 2,000 role experience, and a 30% discount on Established or Distinguished items for the role. Bounty Hunters will also receive double the role experience when completing bounties as well as twice the amount of ability card experience, 25 Poison Throwing Knives, and 100 Express Rifle ammo when they complete Legendary Bounty Missions. Lastly, Bounty Hunters who complete the Outrider missions from the A New Source of Employment telegrams, will also get a 30% discount on the Bounty Hunter Wagon.

Those who have yet to purchase their Bounty Hunter License can earn even more rewards this week through the game’s ongoing Prime Gaming benefits that will award a free Bounty Hunter License, 5,000 Club XP, 200 shotgun slugs, and more to those who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to their Prime Gaming account.

These recent rounds of easy to obtain bonuses and rewards for Red Dead Online players, regardless of whether they purchased the Outlaws Pass or not, are a great way for Rockstar Games to give back to players who have worked hard at leveling their Outlaw Pass but also those who are simply enjoying spending time in the game.

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Red Dead Online is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Rockstar Games

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