Review: Sky Casino Blackjack

No online casino would be complete without a blackjack offering and Sky Casino is no different. They have a multitude of variations available in both live and classic styles. For anyone interested in side bets there is constant action available and we will get into some of the bets on offer further down this post.


In the classic (non live) offering “Blackjack” is the no frills Blackjack game we all know and love. BJ pays 3 to 2, dealer stands on 17 and there are no side bets. The Blackjack games at Sky Casino are developed by Playtech and all of the other variations are fundamentally based on this one. Minimum bets are £0.25p and you can play between 3 and 5 spots.

In total there are 9 blackjack variations and all of them use 6 decks with varying side bets available. Some examples of available side bets are the popular 21+3 and perfect pairs.

Be aware that surrender is not offered as standard on Sky Casinos Blackjack games although one variation, creatively named Blackjack surrender does offer it. As a result this variation has the highest theoretical RTP at 99.66%. The only drawback here is that it is an adobe flash application so will become unplayable come December 2020.

The highlight for me is the Frankie Dettori Magic Seven Blackjack which has an accumulating side bet available. The goal is to collect trophies from random trophy cards dealt each hand up to a maximum of 7. Each time you gain a trophy your bet will carry over to the following hand, meaning you usually don’t have to place a new side bet each hand. The jackpot for this game is 7777:1 and has a theoretical RTP of 98.49% which is not too bad for a Blackjack side bet.

Another variation worth mentioning is the Cashback Blackjack game. This variation gives you the ability to cash out on a hand early. The amount you get will be based on your hand and the dealers up card. This is not the same as surrender and it goes without saying it is a bad option that you should never take.

The live casino games have just as many options albeit with slightly higher minimum bets of £5, some variations have lower minimums but the RTP is far worse. Again, all games are powered by Playtech and have full Sky Casino branding.

There are always seats available in live Blackjack and the general rules are exactly what you would expect. Blackjack pays 3 to 2, dealer stands on 17 and 6 decks are used. They are shoe dealt and hand shuffled except in a few cases such as unlimited blackjack or Quantum blackjack. More on those variants below.

Quantum Blackjack

Min Bet: £1

RTP: 99.47% (Not including side bets)

Quantum blackjack has a continuously shuffled 8 deck shoe and only one spot on the table. Theoretically an unlimited number of players can participate at once. The cards are dealt in the usual way for blackjack and you get all of the options you would expect (Hit, stand, double or split) the only difference here is that everyone is playing the same hand. If you choose to stand your total is locked in and any other players continuing in the hand will be dealt more cards until they either stand or bust.

In addition to the above there is a built in side bet in Quantum Blackjack where certain cards are assigned multipliers at the beginning of each hand. If these cards are then dealt during the hand, all players will win an amount equal to the multiplier assigned. A total of 3 cards can be given a multiplier for up to 1000x your bet.

If you want to play lower limits and still get the live casino experience with an added twist this game is a great choice.

Unlimited Blackjack

Min Bet: £1

RTP: 99.54%

Unlimited Blackjack gets its name from the unlimited number of players it can support at any time. There are 5 spots on the table and you are free to play as many or as few as you like. Similar to Quantum Blackjack each player gets the same hand and has their total locked in once they choose to stand. The game then continues until the remaining players either bust or choose to stand too.

A nice touch here is the shoe dealt hand shuffled 8 deck setup rather than a continuously shuffled deck like in Quantum Blackjack.

If you like side bets then this is not the game for you as there are none available however if you find side bets to get in the way of regular blackjack play then you may want to give Unlimited Blackjack a go.

Allbets Blackjack

Min Bet: £1

RTP: 99.46%

If you really love Blackjack side bets then Allbets Blackjack is absolutely the game for you. There are a total of 6 side bets available on this variation meaning something is always happening win or lose.

The game plays similarly to Unlimited Blackjack with only 1 spot on the table and everyone playing the same hand. It uses 8 decks and is dealt from a hand shuffled shoe.

You have the option to play 21+3, perfect pairs, lucky lucky, Top 3 and Buster. Be under no illusion that these are good bets, no side bets are good, however if you usually find Blackjack a bit boring these can certainly spice things up.

The best possible win out of all of these variations is Buster where if the dealer busts with 8 or more cards AND you get a blackjack you will win an amazing 2000:1.

The RTP for the various side bets is as follows:

Top 3: 91%

Buster: 93.87%

Perfect Pairs: 95.90%

21+3: 96.30%

Lucky Lucky: 96.10%

Rewards Club

Sky Casino offers a players reward scheme named simply Players Rewards. You will earn 1 point for every £5 you wager at Blackjack and once you have 1,000 points, you can claim £10 in cashback. To put it simply that is £10 for every £5,000 you wager.

Players Rewards is a tiered system with 5 levels. Simply earn points to climb up the levels and earn better rewards. Once you get to higher levels the cashback rate does improve slightly with the earn rate being £10 for £4,500 wagered at tier 2 and £4,000 at tier 3.


Sky Casino really does offer something for everyone. If you are a traditional Blackjack player just looking to put some hours in or a gambler looking for swingy side bets there is something for you here.

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