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In the immense undertows of emotions, in the deep forest of sincerity…

People who gets re-evaluated after their death unfortunately exists in history, even if they contributed something really innovative, it’s always after they died when majority of people recognizes their compositional works & achievements were remarkably crucial. These tendencies are not limited to music composers, for instance Georg Ohm led the foundational laws in electronic circuits, obviously botanist Gregor mendel is now considered the genesis of genetics with his genius formula, and even Schubert’s works weren’t discovered by most people. I’m afraid if I’m overlooking talents which are still breathing in this world now, and discovering new artists for that purpose is what we are obsessed with, however, going back to see the originators, pioneers of particular genres in music is also important, especially who influenced numerous others like Arthur Russell himself. But remember, even if they’re music got discovered after their death, if at least 1 person on this planet finds out how spectacular it is, that proofs the artist is worth listening to.

Releasing only 1 solo album during his lifetime in 1986, the dignified artworks of Arthur Russell still remains resonance, contains consciousness & sharpness. What we’re gifted here are raw pieces of transcending, extremely futuristic ingenuities woven into each string he plays live, with his rawest & most fragile voice yet, indeed an utterly enchanting experience.

Although you can say his styles were inconsistent or somehow questionable, Russell walked through his life while picking up fragments of disco, new wave, Indian music & even more so his music might not be concentrated in one concept, or something without contradiction. However, you have to know that the stages & the goals he was looking at was totally different, which made him deviated from others at the time, and that shows this is the type of music which offers you to accept patience, and understand the artists appeal / figure. And thats rare.

Fav track: Hiding your present from you.

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