Staats Notches First Elimination

It didn’t take long for the first player to fall in the 2020 WSOP Main Event on Within two minutes of cards in the air, “ATOWNLEWIS” was eliminated at the hands of Chris “Pay_Son” Staats.

It happened when “ATOWNLEWIS” raised to 400 from middle position and Staats three-bet to 1,600 form the button. Both blinds folded, “ATOWNLEWIS” four-bet to 5,400, and Staats five-bet to 19,000. “ATOWNLEWIS” six-bet jammed for 60,000 and Staats called.

“ATOWNLEWIS”: {k-}{k-}
Chris “Pay_Son” Staats: {a-}{a-}

It was a classic aces-versus-kings all-in preflop hand with the rockets of Staats holding up after a clean run out.

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