The Pokémon V Cards Of Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield Part 5

As 2021, the year that will celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary begins, we’re looking back at recent expansions that revitalized the Pokémon TCG craze. Now, we will spotlight the Sword & Shield base set that was released on February 7th, 2020. This is the set that first introduced Generation Eight species from the Galar region into the Pokémon TCG. Now, our spotlight on the stunning Pokémon V cards featured in this Trading Card Game expansion continues.

The Pokémon V Cards of Sword & Shield. Credit: Pokémon TCGThe Pokémon V Cards of Sword & Shield. Credit: Pokémon TCG
The Pokémon V Cards of Sword & Shield. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • Zamazenta V: Zamazenta was one of the two Legendary game mascots of the Sword & Shield games along with Zacian, so of course it gets a Pokémon V card in the debut of this mechanic. It looks epic here, as if it’s charging forward in its “Crowned Shield” form. While this card is intense, Zamazenta gets an even cooler card later in 2020 with the Sword & Shield: Vivid Voltage expansion.
  • Snorlax V: This Generation One favorite gets one of the few Pokémon V cards rendered in a hand-drawn style, which is enhanced with an effect that puts most of the Pokémon in blurry focus, with its claw in sharp focus. It gives the image the impression that Snorlax is reaching through the card to grab you, which is quite unique for this normally very docile species. A nice addition indeed.
  • Cramorant V: Arrokuda beware, this newly introduced Pokémon has already become a hit amongst fans. A highly memeable Pokémon, Cramorant is known for swallowing other species, including Pikachu in its “Gorging Form.” Imagine that gets a card? Anyway, this first Cramorant card is terrific, but wait until our spotlight moves onto the Full Art cards, which its derpy personality is showed off even more.

Next up in our spotlight on Pokémon TCG‘s Sword & Shield expansion, we will take a look at these sets of Pokémon VMAX cards. VMAX cards were a brand new mechanic introduced by this set which adapts the Dynamax and Gigantamax forms from the video games to the TCG.

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