THE STOCKHOLMS is a New YouTube Series from the CYANIDE & HAPPINESS Team

Explosm, the team behind the popular webcomic/television series/game Cyanide & Happiness, has a new YouTube series called The Stockholms. They teamed up with the animation studio Octopie for the show which is a darker humor take on a family sitcom show. The first two episodes of The Stockholms are available now (included below) and it’s definitely something that fans of Cyanide & Happiness will probably enjoy.

The series follows a goofball bank robber who spends months in a bank with his captive loving “family”, all thanks to a pushover negotiator. If you’re a fan of the genre-challenging humor behind Cyanide and Happiness, then you’ll LOVE this new show!

What do you think of this new short series? I love the fact that episodes are under 5 minutes, yet a full story is still told.

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