These 9 card games are better than Hearthstone

One can only thank Hearthstone for opening up digital card games on the computer, but a year doesn’t seem to have passed without a change that has angered its players and they are starting to go abroad. And when that happens, other digital card games benefit.

We are in the golden age for CCG on the computer and there are so many great flavors. Even better, as Hearthstone remains the best dog right now, the free games on this list are very generous compared to the way new players invest faster.

Of course, great single card games like Slay the Spire and Monster Train are also an option, and you may want to look at things like Multiverse, Card Hunter, Cardpocalypse, and Griftlands Sentinels while you’re there.

However, these are nine-digit CCGs that are very fun to play and, unlike Hearthstone, are worth checking out.

Magic: Gathering Arena

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If you want to play CCG, why not try it all started? After years of digital versions, Magic: The Gathering Arena, which couldn’t live up to the original on the table, is finally managing it. Although this is a more complex game than Hearthstone, here are the twists and turns that divide the cards into stagnant stages, and this complexity not only makes for surprising synergies and changes in the middle of the game, but makes it normal. When you lost in a few new combined games, you didn’t know it was disappointing, but impressive.

Legends of Runeterra

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This Legends League spin-off is turning MOBA champions into strong playing cards, adapting their style of play to CCG. It’s an aggressive game, these summoned followers and champions attack more quickly than they expect from a traditional turn, because it’s just polite, but it’s not a braindead – Oracle’s Eye gives you a future board after a certain stage of attack or spell shows the cases. required feature.

What people really like about Runeterra legends is the generous reward system instead of these booster packages.

Unlimited Wars: An animated trading card game

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It has nothing to do with Avengers, Infinity Wars is a CCG with Hearthstone-like combat mechanics, but here players take their turn at the same time, meaning you can wait less when the rope is turned on. ‘gri comes. There’s another depth to the ability to swap your units in different zones – you can change the attack order of units in your attack zone or switch a stronger unit to your defensive zone if your opponent wants to grab something big.

Frankly, voice acting is pretty bad, but full animated card art is a great mix of fiction and fantasy.


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Faeria plays on a hexagonal board that starts with a complete space. Players in each turn can place tiles to build usable terrain, which means you have to fight to consolidate your position on the map before attacking an opponent. Some magic plates have special lands, such as lakes and forests, that must summon minions of specific factions, such as “Magic,” but most importantly, the growing lands you are fighting are leveling cards to hit the face. allows you to determine the tactical position instead. .

While it used to be free to play, today Faeria comes with a price tag. Worth it, as well as with a cute singleplayer campaign.


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The only World War II-themed game on this list, the Cards use this inspiration to customize traditional CCG mechanics with concepts such as the front line and support line. It’s huge in terms of authenticity, both cards and campaigns are based on real history and are designed to make you feel like you’re playing an old school war game with chits and dice on a green felt table instead of CCG on Steam.


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Gwent doesn’t look like Hearthstone, and Magic: The Gathering has no roots. Instead, it’s a game dedicated to bluffing and timekeeping, with each match being the best three rounds, in which you try to finish each round with a higher score than your opponent.

Although the Witcher 3, which rose from Kondottier, began its life as a mini-game, it evolved completely differently with the game played by Gvent Geralt and led a unique life. Now it has a strategic depth and you can face a single ship based on the use of soldiers to crew and arm the ships, so they become a more efficient engine for multiplied points or the monsters do little damage to your cards to feed your blood. All cards also look great, especially animated premium cards.


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The permanent look is similar to Hearthstone and feels pretty good in practice, but the “instant” cards that your opponent can play during the turn, these are the cards with specific colors for each fraction, any fraction mixed downstairs and returns things like which one to announce. your minions will attack and then allow your opponent to choose their own blockers. The main thing here is infinity, which managed to make these things faster and more satisfying than other digital CCGs I’ve tried, which didn’t lose the depth to access. In addition, this card has a very good shooting mode, which allows you to prepare a package of four cards.

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The development of Elder Scrolls: Legends is probably expected for good, but it remains entirely playable. Separating the game into two mechanical paths is a bit more complicated without causing a headache like Artifact, and the rune system, which gives players an extra card for every five health, poses a constant threat.

Its familiar settings are also a big bonus. Later expansions filled it with cards located around the most interesting parts of the Elder Scrolls, such as Madness Island and its Swing Island cards, some split in two as they were drawn. There are single story campaigns that are a must-have for RPG fans.

The Heresy of Horus: Legions

Horus heresy cards: Legions

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This is especially for the 40,000 tragedies of Warhammer, and not just for those who read novels, but a prequel series that began 10,000 years before the war, called Horus Heresy. If you’ve read Galaxy in Flames, then you’re out of the training campaign dealing with the fall of Stephen III, and if you don’t know what I mean, Legions aren’t for you.

Although art is everywhere, Legions have some nice things, for example, they protect some cards when they fall, but if you have enough firepower and they want to reach the cozy units inside, may explode.

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