Thinking about giving up this slot machine

Stayed away from the arena for a while and powered up and boosted my creatures anticipating my return. Finally came back. Well, I lost 300 trophies straight off. And that’s wrap folks…

Bye, I guess.

This game teaches one how to handle loosing. You just gotta not let your trophy count matter cause it doesn’t.

Some music to play you off:

and that’s it? you leave without trying … I do not know you but you should try it once again, never give up and have determination in something that leads to the top.

Losing 300 trophies shouldn’t be a match for not trying

anyway, take this

This. Just play the game and have fun. If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose.

…or quit the arena solely. There’s more to do in the game than PvP…

Agreed. Although it helps to get your battle incubators.

I enter the arena maybe once a week. I raid like mad though.

I learned that the arena is no fun to play so long as boosts and horrible matchmaking exist. I only play the arena once a month to reset my trophy count. The game is much more enjoyable this way.

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