User blog:Walten Paperclips/Tophat's Bingo del Peligro – Challenge 7

Hello, you final 5! Welcome back yet again to the best camp of the entire wiki…

Tophat's Bingo del Peligro

Okay, first off, sorry about the hiatus yet again. You know, typical run-out-of-ideas thing.

Secondly, let’s get into that challenge already, jesus christ.


Alrighty then, your next challenge, you final 5, is to invent a brand new, amazing product! It can be whatever the hell you want; a párfume that repels mosquitoes, a portal to hell, whatever you want.

To that one product you invented, I’ll score it not by 10/10s or whatever, nope! I’ll score it by how many bucks would I give to that product! Unique, isn’t it?

So,  GO!!!!

(0/5 people have completed the challenge so far)

People who’ve yet to do so:

  • Cat Squishy
  • Pandora’s Gamecube
  • Disguise
  • Sword
  • Kiwy


  • Cat Squishy: 2 crystals
  • Chippy: 1 crystal
  • Kiwy: 2 crystals
  • Pandora’s GameCube: 3 crystals
  • Spike-sprout: 1 crystal
  • Sword: 4 crystals
  • Rainbow Glitter Bottle: 1 crystal
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: 1 crystal
  • Disguise: 2 crystals
  • Poo-Eyes Soda: 1 crystal

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