Visit The Cromwell and Treasure Island For 3:2 Blackjack Games Under $25 On The Vegas Strip

The Cromwell and Treasure Island still offer the best low limits blackjack games on the Vegas Strip. These are games that start with a minimum bet under $25.

I know, $25 bets aren’t technically high rollers. However, the majority of recreational gamblers are adverse to playing green ($25) chip games.

We look at this price point and this area because this is where the average visitor to Las Vegas gambles. The typical visitor to Las Vegas doesn’t have a very large bankroll so knowing where to get the most bang for the buck is helpful.

The Vegas Strip is the most touristy part of Las Vegas. According to the most recent Las Vegas Visitor Profile from 2019, 89% of visitors who gambled said they did so on the Vegas Strip Corridor.

At the same time, only 37% of visitors said they gambled in Downtown Vegas. In case you’re curious the average trip gambling budget was $591.06.

The thing with the Vegas Strip is that it’s a beautiful tourist trap. This New Yorker compares it to Times Square. There are wonderful tourist traps all over the country including Bourbon Street in New Orleans and the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

Prices in the touristy parts of town are typically more expensive than in other parts of the respective cities. In Las Vegas, you’ll find better blackjack games with lower minimum bets away from the Vegas Strip. We’ll look at those games another day.

Today we’re going to use Vegas Advantage’s 2021 blackjack survey to highlight the two casinos that offer more 3:2 blackjack games than other casinos on the Vegas Strip.

The big surprise is that there’s no surprise here. Treasure Island and The Cromwell have been offering some of the best gambling odds on the Vegas Strip for a while.

The Cromwell Blackjack

The Cromwell is located next to Flamingo and across the street from Bally’s, Bellagio, and Caesars Palace. We first tipped you off on The Cromwell blackjack games in 2017. The property has some of the best gambling on the Vegas Strip with affordable games and player-friendly rules for blackjack, craps, and roulette.

The good gaming rules are still in effect. The better news is that the affordable minimum bets have continued while other Las Vegas casinos have increased prices to make up for fewer positions at each table. Here’s the rundown from Vegas Advantage:

Cromwell offers a great value for blackjack in this part of the Las Vegas Strip. There is $10 3:2 blackjack. It uses eight decks and has double down before and after splitting with surrender. There is also $10 6:5 Free Bet Blackjack. Some $10 or $15 6:5 tables open in the back when it is busy.
Double deck blackjack starts at $15. It allows double down before but not after splitting. The high limit game is $100. It uses six decks, stands on all 17’s, and offers double down before and after splitting and surrender.

It’s important to note that there are some 6:5 blackjack games mixed in with the 3:2 options. As always, check the rules before you sit down.

Treasure Island Blackjack

Treasure Island is a value property that’s surrounded by luxury casino-resorts on the north end of the Vegas Strip. The casino is across the street from Wynn and The Venetian and is next door to The Mirage. These casinos offer worse blackjack games at higher minimum bets.

The Treasure Island blackjack games have also been among the best options on the Vegas Strip for low-rollers. The casino has been offering plenty of 3:2 blackjack games for years. Much like The Cromwell, the low minimum bet for this game is still intact.

The low minimum bets here stand out as the neighboring properties mostly offer worse games with higher minimum bets. Here’s the lowdown on Treasure Island blackjack games from Vegas Advantage:

Treasure Island is one of the best casinos for low limit blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip. The $10 3:2 six-deck tables have double down before and after splitting, surrender and re-split aces. This game stands on all 17’s for $50 in high limit. The double deck games pay 3:2. A $15 game pays 3:2 and allows double down before and after splitting. There is a $50 version of this in high limit that stands on all 17’s. Single deck is available for $15. It pays 6:5.

The entry price for most table games at TI is lower than the other casinos in the area. Once again, there are some 6:5 blackjack games mixed in with 3:2 games. Make sure you look at the rules before sitting down.

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