Want a 7-figure lottery jackpot this year? Here’s why it’s entirely possible


Want to go fishing like Eddie Nabors did with his $116 Million Mega Millions win?

In my newsletter I use this slogan: Winners Take Action!

Today I want to expand that to: “Winners Take Constant Action!”

Because only when you take constant steps towards your goal will you be successful.

Let’s take an extreme example…

If you only bought one lottery ticket this year because you were convinced that it was your Big Win time, or it was a major jackpot – you’d be out of luck.

Nothing works in one step like that. I only get the large number of wins like these tickets above in one week’s play by constant playing.

The answer to winning is the Constant Action you need to take in every part of your goal.

How can you do that?

You need to buy more tickets and more tickets frequently to increase your chances. You won’t believe how smaller wins add up. And each chance increases your odds to getting bigger wins.

Your Action magnifies these opportunities.

Ken , I have continued to win at EACH and EVERY draw I entered since purchasing your system. Again I won $500.00 this last Saturday, it’s like having a part time job or something!!! To reiterate, I have won EACH and EVERY draw I entered. Yours truly,

You can apply this to almost anything in your life. The more actions you take, the quicker the results.

You do this by working on everything connected with your goal:

  • More reading about winning.

  • More talking with others about lotto.

  • Making more plans for spending your winnings.

  • Buying more tickets.

  • Playing more frequently.

My System is designed to make your life easier so you can do these things effortlessly. When you read my newsletter and articles each day, they reinforce your desire to win.

When you visit the new car showroom or visit some open homes, you’re building and reinforcing these goals.

With my System, buying more tickets and playing more often is easy because you never have to do the chore of filling out new tickets every time.

Are you ready for a 7-figure win this year?

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