WCHS Bingo

Feeling down in the dumps about Halloween festivities being canceled? So are we and we found a solution! We have created “WCHS Bingo!” – this twist on a family favorite game will give you all a chance to get out of the house, participate in some spooky family-friendly fun, tour our facility, see cute animals, and win prizes! And as a bonus? You will be helping support your local animal shelter!

Staff and volunteers will be present to ensure that all people in the building are socially distanced, items are sanitized, and all people and animals are kept safe.

So, how do you play shelter bingo anyway? It’s super easy!

  • Mask (and costume) up and head on over to WCHS from 6-7pm (This event will run every day from October 16 through 31).
  • Pay $5 per entry for a bingo card.
  • On your card, you will have several different items that you need to look for while walking through our cat building. You will mark them off as you find them.
  • At the end of your tour, you will turn in your bingo card.
  • If you get a bingo, you’ll win a sweet prize!

*Adoptions will NOT be performed during these events, so if you fall in love with somebody while visiting, you will need to come back to WCHS during open hours!*

Facebook Event link HERE.

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