What is the Payout on Biden Winning California, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Vermont

You don’t get any bluer than California, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland or Vermont.

Needless-to-say, if you wish to bet Democratic candidate Joe Biden winning the 2020 Presidential race in one of these, you’re going to have to fork up a large amount to win just a little.

California, for example, requires a $200 bet two win just $10. That $200 is returned just as long as Biden wins in the state, which he will.

New York is listed at -1400. This means you have to bet $140 to win $10.

Probably the bluest of the US states, Massachusetts, requires $500 wagered to win $10.

In Maryland you would need to bet $400 to win $10.

Delaware, Hawaii and Vermont are three other “Solid Blue” states where a $10 win is almost guaranteed but hundreds of dollars will need to be wagered to get it.

– Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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