What is the Payout on Biden Winning Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maine?

In Illinois, one would have to bet $200 to win $10 on Democratic candidate Joe Biden winning the state in this year’s Presidential race. This is a “lock” and you will win an easy $10. It’s just the idea of having to wager that $200 to receive a measly $10. You will get that $200 back as well provided Biden wins.

Illinois is actually considered “Likely Biden” as opposed to a “Solid Biden” (i.e. New York, California, Massachusetts).

Connecticut requires a $250 bet to win $10.

New Jersey it’s just $160 to win $10.

Maine, statewide, is somewhat more enticing with a $60 bet paying out $10.

But Rhode Island is a difficult pill to swallow despite being classified as “Likely Biden”. You would have to wager $500 to win $10.

– Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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