What is the Payout on Trump Winning Kansas, Louisiana, Alaska, Mississippi, Utah, Arkansas?

In Kansas, one would have to bet $200 to win $10 on Republican candidate Donald Trump winning the state in this year’s Presidential race. This is a “lock” and you will win an easy $10. It’s just the idea of having to wager that $200 to receive a measly $10. You will get that $200 back as well provided Trump wins.

Kansas is considered “Lean Republican”, but not “Solid Republican”.

Other “Lean Republican” states include the likes of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alaska and Utah.

Louisiana requires a $330 bet to win $10.

Arkansas needs $330 to win $10 as well.

Alaska is a little more generous in that one only needs to bet $100 to win $10.

Utah is perhaps the most red state in the nation, but Trump hasn’t always been popular here. You will need to bet $200 to win $10.

– Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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