What to do when your lottery numbers don’t turn out as you expect


When your lottery numbers go bad and it seems the prize turns out to be less than you expected, here’s what to do.

I yelped in disbelief. Even for a hardened lottery numbers man like myself, this was almost too impossible to believe.

For months I had been raking in the winnings from a nicely presented selection of numbers.

They were all a perfect example of how my Silver Lotto System matched the real world.

Then came this batch. Two numbers close together, then 4 numbers close as well. It was almost a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 kind of scenario that happens once a lifetime – if ever.

There’s nothing you can do when this happens. I was ready to give up checking my tickets.

But then came a curious thing. When I went along to my store and checked the tickets anyway, I got a real shock.

Two tickets had some of those numbers, and I walked away with $240 in my pocket.

Not much, but better than giving up when I saw those bad combos.

This is the ongoing secret to my System: NEVER Give Up.

And never second-guess the outcome on a bad day. Like my surprise prizes, you often could be surprised most times. And then of course there’s the next game to look forward to.

Ken, Who would have thought that when I emptied my wallet in the lotto store that they wouldn’t accept my tickets! Because they told they didn’t have enough in the till to pay me!! To the tune of $17,800!!! so I had to visit the headquarters for a check and that was an expierience I can tell you. John F

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