Will We See Anderson Silva and Roy Jones Jr. Boxing This Year?

Roy Jones With Boxing Logo And Anderson Silva

  • Anderson Silva was released from his UFC contract after a loss to Urijah Hall in late 2020.
  • “The Spider” has been hinting at making a move into the boxing game for years.
  • Many fans are now pushing to see Anderson Silva and Roy Jones Jr. boxing this year.

Anderson Silva’s time in the UFC has officially come to an end. That doesn’t mean “The Spider’s” time in combat sports has come to an end, though. There are many rumors circulating that fans will soon get to witness Anderson Silva and Roy Jones Jr. boxing this year.

Silva has teased a move into boxing for years. He seems particularly interested in a bout against Roy Jones Jr. Today, we’ll talk about when and where this bout may eventually take place.

Let’s get into it!

Many of the UFC’s Legends are Leaving the Promotion

Over the past few decades, only a few fighters in the UFC have achieved the title of being a “legend.” It takes years of success and consistent winning performances against high-level competition. Unfortunately, these fighters only stay at the top of the sport for so long.

Time catches up with everyone. Recently, news broke that Junior Dos Santos and Alistair Overeem had been released from the UFC. It was disappointing, albeit not entirely surprising news to hear.

UFC President Dana White claimed the promotion would be making roster cuts this year. Fans have already seen several high-profile fighters cut from their contracts. Alistair and Junior were both coming off devastating losses and the UFC felt it was time for them to take their careers elsewhere.

There are some reports that Alistair will be making the move to Rizin FF. This Japan-based promotion has grown considerably over the past few years. Japan would be a fitting location for Alistair to end his career, as it’s the same country he became a superstar in the sport.

Anderson Silva was released from his UFC contract after a loss to Urijah Hall in October of 2020. The former middleweight king had lost seven of his past nine and seemed like a shadow of his former self inside the cage. Since that bout, fans have been wondering if “The Spider” would ever compete again.

Silva’s love of boxing is well-known. There are now some who believe Anderson will soon box against a fellow legend of the fight game.

Rumors of Anderson Silva and Roy Jones Jr. Boxing Are Still Circulating

Being released from the UFC doesn’t mean that a fighter’s career is over. On the contrary, many fighters are cut from the UFC and go on to have incredible careers. There are now a huge number of MMA promotions offering good money around the world.

Some fighters choose to enter a new sport entirely after parting ways with the UFC. A transition into boxing can be tempting for some. Many are now even making the move into the bare-knuckle boxing game.

Anderson no longer seems capable of competing with the best mixed martial artists on the planet. He’s still an incredible striker, though. There have been many reports surfacing lately that point to Anderson Silva and Roy Jones Jr. boxing sometime this year.

This fight has been discussed for years. Even while Anderson was the UFC champion, he was pushing for the opportunity to box against Roy. Now that he is a free agent, this seems like a perfect time to get this fight booked.

Roy is certainly up for it. This week, he issued another formal challenge to Anderson and discussed how he believes the fight would play out.

“Truthfully speaking, my dream next fight will probably be Anderson Silva. Because Anderson is available now, I’m available now, and so we’ve been wanting to box for the longest time. Why not me and Anderson go out there and put it on for the people?” Jones said. “At his age, my knees not being the same as he used to be, it gives him a better chance. And he’s a tall left-hander, so all of that works in his favor, you understand me? So yes, there are a few different elements now that would give him a better chance now than he would have had back in the day.”

Roy Jones Jr. is coming off a draw in a highly-publicized fight with Mike Tyson last year. He is now looking for another opportunity to compete in front of fans. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on this possible fight as soon as they come out!

There is Still Time to Bet on UFC 259 Online!

At one point, Anderson Silva was considered the greatest middleweight MMA fighter alive. He was a brilliant striker and recorded win after win against high-level competition. The title of “best middleweight” now belongs to Israel Adesanya.

The current 185-pound champ has steamrolled his way through the division. Most recently, he defeated Paulo Costa via TKO in the second round. There are some that feel no more challenges are present in the middleweight division.

Perhaps due to that fact, Adesanya is moving up in weight to challenge for Jan Blachowicz’s light-heavyweight title tomorrow night. It’s one of the biggest fights in UFC history. Many are curious to see if Israel’s skills hold up against significantly bigger men.

Bovada is still offering odds on this bout! Adesanya is currently listed as the -265 favorite. He’s one of the best strikers in MMA history and has looked phenomenal lately. Some feel he will pick Jan apart to earn a decision win.

Blachowicz is a live underdog at +185. He proved his status as the best 205-pound fighter alive with a dominant knockout win over Dominick Reyes last year. If he can successfully pressure Adesanya, this is a fight he can win.

Do you want to see Anderson Silva and Roy Jones Jr. boxing? Who do you think would win? Let us know in the comments section below.

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