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William Hill is a Europe-based sportsbook that hopped the pond to the United States in 2016. Since then, this sportsbook has become a big name in the American sports betting industry. With the launch of sports betting in Tennessee at the beginning of November 2020, William Hill is likely to jump on board sometime in early 2021.

This page will break down all that you need to know about the William Hill Tennessee mobile sportsbook, so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when it launches.

William Hill Tennessee Promo Code For February 2021

William Hill is offering $2,021 dollar risk-free bet in states where it recently launched including Virginia and Michigan. We expect the launch offer in Tennessee to be similar and using our official William Hill Tennessee promo code: TODAYRF you will be able to get it.

How to Register for a William Hill Tennessee Account

In Tennessee, sports betting legislation doesn’t require sports bettors to finalize registration in person at a land-based casino. This wouldn’t be possible anyway because brick-and-mortar casinos are illegal in Tennessee.

To register for a William Hill Sportsbook account, all you need to do is to provide a few key pieces of information. This typically includes Social Security number, address, and date of birth. Ultimately, you can start betting right from your couch without having to step foot outside.

William Hill Online Sportsbook: Bonus And Promotions (4.4/5)

The opening bonus and promotions on a sportsbook are a factor in determining the overall quality of the app. These offers matter because new players often use promotions as a way to test out the app. If players don’t have an enjoyable first experience, they won’t come back.

Fortunately, William Hill offers a pretty good opening bonus. New players can potentially receive a risk-free bet worth up to $2,021. This means that after you deposit, your first wager will be credited back to your account if you lose up to $2,021 dollars!

William Hill Sportsbook: Odds Versus The Competition (4/5)

As with all new Tennessee sports betting apps, William Hill must use official league odds data when generating wagers for its users. This does mean that odds in Tennessee are a little different from the odds you’ll find were you to use the same sportsbook in another legal state, like Illinois.

This being said, the available odds are usually quite player-friendly and are updated in real-time, particularly if you participate in the live betting markets that William Hill has to offer. The live odds are robust and varied, and there are plenty of different wager types and amounts you can find here based on your preferences.

If you’ve tried other sportsbooks, you’ll likely find that William Hill offers slightly limited odds in comparison to some of the established competition. Sportsbooks like FanDuel and BetMGM offer better odds in terms of sheer variety. However, William Hill does provide plenty of odds-boosting events on certain game days or during specific seasons.

Thus, you’ll be able to increase your potential earnings using these boosted odds wagers when you see them crop up. All in all, William Hill’s odds are competitive, even if they aren’t top dog.

William Hill Sportsbook: Market Depth And Variety (5/5)

As William Hill is a sportsbook with years of experience in Europe under its belt, we’re not surprised that they offer a wide range of betting markets, even for niche sports that don’t have widespread appeals. While it’s not clear exactly what markets will be available in Tennessee, historical data from other states indicates that William Hill may offer:

  • NFL
  • NHL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf

Even beyond these staple sports, William Hill has also historically offered wagering markets for really niche stuff, like darts, cycling, cricket, and badminton. International sports are well represented with William Hill’s market variety. You can find markets for Rugby League and Rugby Union, international soccer, softball, and even the Olympics.

Additional niche sports and leagues are available as well, including volleyball, UFC and MMA fighting, snooker, handball, and much more. William Hill is even one of the few sports betting operators to provide eSports wagering: something that only a few operators like DraftKings can match.

Overall, William Hill’s market depth and variety are among the best in the industry.

William Hill Mobile Sportsbook: Deposit And Cash Out (3.5/5)

How a sportsbook allows you to move money in and out of your account is part of what determines how user-friendly it is and whether or not you’ll want to use it. Fortunately, William Hill should allow multiple banking methods to help you transfer your funds to the app when it launches.

Most likely, players will be able to use credit and debit cards, online banking options, electronic checks, and Prepaid Play+ cards. This is pretty standard for the industry, however.

As with many other mobile sportsbooks, William Hill offers fewer withdrawal opportunities or methods. In total, players can expect electronic checks, online banking, and prepaid cards to be their only options for withdrawal, especially since brick-and-mortar casinos aren’t legal in Tennessee.

All in all, Willliam Hill Sportsbook’s banking options are about average. However, there are a few other mobile sportsbooks that provide better (more varied) withdrawal options compared to William Hill. So, it loses a bit of value on this point.

William Hill Sportsbook App: Mobile App (3/5)

William Hill offers both a dedicated iOS/Android app and a mobile-friendly website. Either way, the mobile app is the way to go due to its overall user-friendliness and responsive performance. Most users indicate, according to online reviews, that using the app is usually intuitive and pleasurable, and there isn’t a lot of lag or stuttering to suffer through.

The app offers a relatively standard interface with blue-and-white as its primary colors. It’s not as fancy or sleek as some of the other mobile apps in the industry, and the mobile app admittedly looks like a port of the main browser website than an app created from scratch.

Still, it’s easy enough to access your betting slip, choose your sport, and even participate in live or in-play betting right from the mobile app. A dedicated in-play menu allows you to check out an overview for any events scheduled for a given day, and in-play bets are usually well organized.

Unlike some mobile apps, you won’t be able to live stream games directly to your mobile screen – you’ll need to use either the desktop site or watch your chosen game using something else.

Ultimately, the William Hill mobile app gets the job done but doesn’t have any advanced or particularly surprising features to raise it above the competition. Other and larger sportsbook operators provide more innovative and advanced mobile apps that are just as responsive and lag-free as William Hill, with some added perks or bonuses to make them worth your while.

William Hill Sportsbook: Overall (3.5/5)

Overall, the William Hill online sportsbook is a decent option for sports betting enthusiasts. However, it fails to set itself apart from the competition in many major categories.

For instance, the mobile app is okay, but it’s not nearly interesting or advanced enough to compete with the top dogs in this arena. Furthermore, William Hill’s opening bonus could be a little better, especially since competition in Tennessee is likely to be fierce.

The app’s market depth and variety are its strongest points. To be fair, there are very few mobile sportsbooks that offer as much sheer market variety as you can find with this pick. This means that William Hill is a superior sportsbook for those interested in wagering on niche or underrepresented markets, like badminton.

However, if you’re mostly interested in professional and American-centric sports (like the majority of Tennessee residents), you’ll likely have a slightly better experience and more wagering opportunities with another mobile sportsbook.

Is The William Hill Sportsbook Legit?

Absolutely. The William Hill mobile sportsbook actually originates from Europe, which is the main reason why so many European and international sports are represented in its betting markets. It has access to a lot of extra markets that US-based sportsbooks currently don’t.

William Hill first came to the United States in 2016, when many states (like New Jersey, Colorado, and West Virginia) began legalizing online sports betting. Although William Hill is a Europe-based sportsbook, it still operates legitimately in the US.

William Hill has a long history of fair play and has been regulated by multiple overseeing agencies or bodies. This means that it has a good history of treating its customers well, and in multiple countries. Why does this matter? It means that William Hill can play ball with regulatory bodies and not get in trouble: a good sign for any sportsbook looking to appear legitimate.

William Hill may technically be an offshore betting site only because it’s based in Europe. But it’s totally legitimate, and its application is under review by the Tennessee Lottery. It’s safe to say that the Lottery will do plenty of vetting before granting William Hill a sports betting license.

Why Choose William Hill’s Mobile Sportsbook Over Illegal Betting Sites?

It’s usually a much better idea to use William Hill, and other licensed and regulated sportsbooks, instead of illegal betting sites for a few reasons.

  1. Offshore and illegal betting sites aren’t beholden to any regulatory body. This means they could easily steal money given to them by their customers without any consequence.
  2. User information isn’t as secure with offshore betting sites as it is with regulated sportsbooks. This could potentially put your personal information at greater risk of being stolen by a hacker.

William Hill offers extensive betting markets and safe and secure betting options, plus a solid digital interface and mobile app. Should they be granted a license for Tennessee operation, William Hill will be overseen just like all the other sportsbook operators in the state. Any customers who have a question or concern about their winnings will have someone to go to if necessary.

Why Can You Trust The Online William Hill Sportsbook With Your Money?

Like all licensed and regulated sportsbooks, William Hill has to be insured for customer losses as a result of digital hacking or other threats. Furthermore, William Hill secures its website and mobile app with methods like SSL certification: a key type of encryption to protect user-information from cybercriminals.

This isn’t to say that your personal information and your money are totally secure. But it does mean that William Hill is a much more secure sportsbook and betting site than any offshore or illegal betting site.

Plus, William Hill is set to be overseen by the Tennessee Lottery should they get a license sometime in 2021. This means that, if you ever do have a question about your earnings or if you suspect that there’s been a glitch, you’ll have a government body to report to if you want William Hill investigated for fraud.

In short: William Hill is overseen by a neutral third party, has better security, and has the history needed to back up its claim of legitimacy.

William Hill Sportsbook Fact Sheet

  • How old do you have to be: 21
  • What states is William Hill legal in? NJ, CO, WV, IL, IA, NV, VA, MI

William Hill Mobile Sportsbook FAQ

Do you need to be in TN to place a sports wager with a sportsbook?

Yes. William Hill, like most mobile sportsbooks, will include geolocation software should it get a license. This will be used to make sure that only people within Tennessee’s borders can use the sportsbook.

How do you get paid if you win on the mobile William Hill sportsbook?

William Hill will provide your winnings into your sports wagering account. Then, you can withdraw the wager using any of the above-mentioned withdrawal methods. Withdrawals usually take between one or two business days to show up in your linked bank account.

Is the online sportsbook licensed in Tennessee?

Not yet. However, William Hill is one of three extra license applicants to apply for Tennessee sports betting, alongside BetAmerica and WynnBet. William Hill will likely receive its license and begin operation sometime in 2021, though exact dates are unknown. Currently, BetMGM, FanDuel, Draftkings, and 24/7 action are the only sportsbooks available in TN.

Can you sign up for William Hill’s sportsbook anywhere in the state?

When William Hill launches in Tennessee, you’ll be able to wager on the mobile app from anywhere within Tennessee’s borders.

Who is the sportsbook partnered with in TN?

William Hill doesn’t have a land-based partner in Tennessee since brick-and-mortar or retail casinos are not legal within this state.

Can you bet on eSports with the William Hill online sportsbook?

Yes. William Hill is one of the few online sportsbook operators to provide eSports betting markets, alongside DraftKings.

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