You’ll start winning the lottery when you forget about luck and do this


A fortune teller told Edna Aguayo 16 years earlier that she would win the lottery jackpot. PHOTO:

A lot of people believe in luck and lucky numbers.

However, when it comes to lottery numbers and my System, there’s no mumbo jumbo like numerology or fortune telling.

The System either works scientifically to beat the odds or it doesn’t.

And that’s what I base my success on:


But there is an area I believe in every very strongly which has a big impact on your lottery success.

There’s nothing scientific about it, but it works.

It’s the power to achieve what you want through desire, using triggers in your goal-seeking.

Simply this – you concentrate daily on a goal, no matter how extreme, and you achieve it.

The triggers to make this work are:

  • Writing your goal down daily.

  • Using pictures or models to make the dream real.

Why these actions work so powerfully when applied to winning the lottery is easily explained like this.

The lottery prize is at the top of a ladder…

You simply need the resilience to keep climbing each rung – playing your tickets – until you reach the top.

Most people don’t have the mental strength to carry on climbing after repeated failure.

When they expect a fortune – but get only a handful of dollars, week after week – they easily get discouraged.

And yet there is case after case in my Lotto Life blog articles which show that non-System players win prizes after years of playing.

But you don’t need to spend years. Using the System speeds up wins.

My System is designed to shortcut the steps… to get you started within a few rungs of the top of the ladder, ahead of everyone else.

As long as you focus on a goal to keep your persistence level high, you’ll get what you desire.

That’s why it is so important to have a strong dream to keep you motivated.

It’s not mumbo jumbo, it works.

And I’m living proof.

I was an exotic car enthusiast. Nowadays I have an electric car (EV) which saves the planet and gives me more fun than any of the others in my past.

But for many years before that I placed scale models of the cars I wanted on my desktop, watched daily videos of them, joined communities for these brands.

I’ve immersed myself daily, imagined the driving experience – even taken test drives – to make the goal real.

And it has worked 100% of the time.

I’ve got every car I’ve ever wanted…. 3 Aston Martins, 2 Bentley Continental GTs, 5 Mercedes SL sports cars.

An amazing group of vehicles that I’ve been truly privileged to own.

You too can achieve what you want, but listen…

You just can’t put a time on it.

Goal success has its own timeline, so you need to stay motivated daily to keep the dream alive.

But it will work better than you ever expected, believe it.

One final point…

Don’t make your goal a financial one.

Instead of saying – “I will have $10 million in my bank by the end of the year,” use things.

I’ve found it’s always best to use an experience like a trip, or real objects like a car or house as the trigger, not the cash amount.

And make it without a time limit.

Let it happen to you. There are some things you can’t force.

I know it sounds open-ended and you have bills to pay and things you want, but that’s the way I found it works.

No mumbo jumbo, just plain focus, and persistence.

And lastly never forget – Winners Take Action!

After you have written your goals daily, placed photos on your fridge door and on your computer screen, got immersed with positive reading like this blog, and.take action.

Play frequently and regularly.

Never give up.

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